Cash in Transit (CiT)

Our armed security team are trained to keep your cash safe from the time it leaves your business until it is lodged with you nominated banking institution.

Protect Your Businesses Income

Using an employee to go to the bank exposes the individual and your business to unnecessary risks including possible breaches of work health and safety legislation. When you are protecting your business income you need to be certain that your security provider has the capability, trained personnel, appropriate procedures, insurance, and diligence to secure your assets while providing safety and reassurance to those involved in your cash handling process.

Take the time out of allocating a staff member to take your cash to the bank and pick one of our regular CiT routes. At time of collection our guard will record the pick-up, photograph your bank cash bags and obtain a verification signature on our electronic platform. Once lodged at your nominated bank the teller signs for the deposit and you receive an instant notification via email of the transaction. This service is perfect for business owners and managers who have multiple sites or may not be present at time of pick up to track the movement of your cash.

Cash & Change Collection

We also offer a cash and change collection from your bank and delivery to your site 7 days a week. Our rates for this service are very reasonable and in most cases would be less that the cost of a staff member undertaking the same role with significantly less risk.

Not-for-Profit Organisations

Surefire Security CiT further caters to the cash and banking needs of Local Councils, Hospitals sporting events, charity organisations, Church groups, schools, motor sports organisations, and many other locally based groups.

No job is too big or too small for our dedicated and professional team.  Our flexibility means we schedule a regular pick up from your business or simply just a one off collection around your busiest times. 

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