Security Patrols

Speak with us if you expect your security provider to strive to achieve the best in industry response times to alarm activations with the transparency to guarantee we are providing the security patrols of your property that you pay for. 

Security Patrols are a shared resource that creates a highly effective security solution where the cost of a full time resource is simply not justified. They are designed to provide you with a high visibility deterrent to criminal activity not only to your property or facility, but in the area around it.

Our security patrols are responsive, reliable and fully supported by our state of the art 24-hour rapid response control centre, and are perfect for:

Our Guards

Our patrol guards are highly trained and fully equipped with the latest in guard technology to ensure compliance to the highest standard. Our clients include military and government organisations that expect accountability and transparency in all our services to the highest level.   

To achieve this, we utilise GuardTek patrol software that utilises GPS and NFC tag technology to verify our performance of service. All of our clients are provided with full electronic monthly reports detailing report activity. Our multi media reporting capability delivers comprehensive media rich reports of anomalies found at your site or specific details of Alarm responses to your premises.

Late Night Presence

We specialise in late-night presence for your industrial warehouses or complexes which can include a security check and lockup service at a dedicated time.

Our nightly security patrols throughout the entire region means that Surefire Security Group is your trusted regional provider to secure your business or private residence.

Staff safety is also an area of our expertise and we can give you peace of mind to safeguard employees delivering or transporting high value goods or leaving work late at night. Adding a security escort to a new or existing security patrol is a great way to protect your staff and secure your property and assets at their most vulnerable times.

Include Lock-Up & Unlock to Your Patrols

Including a daily lock-up service for exterior doors, windows, gates and other entrances to your service means additional protection and value. Potentially saving you from costly, preventable thefts due to accidental security oversights and decreasing running costs if you would like lights, air-conditioning, or other utilities switched off and on.

Suitable For Any Property

With a wide variety of clients, big and small, our services are a trusted security component for many industries. Surefire Patrols services are suitable for businesses and communities of all scales, including:

Industry leading technology, partnerships and response

We work closely with our trusted industry partners listed below who can provide all of your required electronic security solutions. We have worked closely with these electronics providers for many years and can attest to the quality of their work in providing alarm installations and monitoring services. Working with these companies assures a seamless end to end security solution with our manpower services. 

You can directly contact any of our partners by clicking on the links below as we do not undertake the work ourselves and take no commission or referral payments

We utilise industry best practice in GuardTek technology to assure compliance to meet the highest standards of any organisation.

With our industry partner, we provide a rapid response to any alarm activations as we are in direct contact with our control rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also maintain a constant presence across North East Victoria to ensure that we respond to alarms in a timely manner. While many other providers claim to have an alarm response capability, the reality is that their patrol vehicles may be many hours away. 

National Security Providers

We are also part of an extensive security network trusted by national security providers such as Wilson.  These national providers trust us to represent them in our region and we hope this will give you added confidence in the service we provide.

Our Industry Partners

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